Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Sweet Evi from Indonesia

Meet Evi, my little friend from Indonesia. I do not share about her in my daily talks as much as I should! I adopted her as my sponsor child through Compassion International when she was 3, long ago during a pressing time financially in my life and God proved faithful to take care of a small part of her needs through me. It was a faith step and she has shown herself to be so much more steadfast than I in conversation and full of hope in her life situations. I have learned much from her and know that we have both gleaned much from the written friendship. This is the picture she sent to me and the picture I keep on my desk of her. She is now 13 (where does the time go?) and I will share a more recent picture of her soon. I just love her face in this image. Tender and full of hope! I just wanted to share a joy with you and hope she makes you smile too.

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