Friday, April 6, 2007

Light with all the twinkles

Meet my friends Angie and Don’s twinkle of light, Raegan Audrey Hearn. To get to know Raegan, you must first know Angie. Have you ever met someone in life that the more you get to know them you see that they are just true people of good character? Well, Angie is that kind of rare jewel. She is truly honest, beautiful inside and out, has a keen sense of humor and is a creative and a deep thinker. Already you can see some of Angie’s fun and tenacious spirit in Raegan. Anthony and I both just adore this family. When Raegan smiles, oh my goodness! It is like she is delivering effervescent sunshine to your soul. I love to just look at her, or tickle her toes and watch her smile and well, call Angie to ask the "What is Raegan doing new?" question. I just wanted to introduce you to her and hopefully over time, you will be able to experience some of the miracle of watching this little girl grow.

So, I guess I want to say, that in life there are these friends and I have no idea why God has blessed me enough to know, but I pray that for you as well. To be bestowed with friendships that matter and that you will feel as blessed as I know I am. I must run now. Have a happy and blessed Easter.

I don't mean to bring light to this, but every time I go to publish my blog and there is someone pictured, doesn't my picture to the right look like I am trying to be a part of the picture I share? I just thought it was kind of funny that is all and indicative to the thought that I just like being with my people. Silly me!

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