Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sweet Birthday Wish

Paige and her family (Husband Dan and their girls by age, Savannah, Madison, Emily and Caroline). If you read this blog at all, you will get to know them well. Monday was my tender friend Paige's birthday. I am 6 months older than her, so try as she may, she will never catch up to me...smile. I wanted to wish her more blessings than one can hold in ones lifetime. I love it that we are just kindred, adult, silly, iron sharpens iron, creative, God loving, walk through life's hard or blissfull journey's, dig deep, written into the tapestry of each other's lives kind of friends. She is truly just someone dear to me. So, hugs and happy birthday to you JPK! Much love to you friend.

1 comment:

paige knudsen said...

big hugs to you my "6 months older friend"!!
you are a gift i open daily.