Sunday, June 24, 2007

One of the Seven Wonders - The Taj Mahal

Jill Floyd at the Taj Mahal one of the Seven Wonders.
Jill is not only a co-worker, but a dear friend. She is quite the inspiration to more people than just myself. The girl runs ULTRA marathons for goodness sake and not just one in a year, but many. At times the ultra marathons are 50 mile trail runs that have been at times uphill and has been known to run two marathons in one weekend. I think that is more than I run a month, and I consider myself a! My running efforts are quite funny in comparison, so it is quite humbling to hear about her running accomplishments. She went to work on a client project with the company I work for in Dubai and decided to visit a friend in India. First of all, how wonderful would it be to go to Dubai? Okay, I have gone on trips to Jamaica and Mexico by myself (Quite enjoyable beach scenes every time. I did not fear a moment of being there, alone.). However Jill, just goes and gets a driver to take her to Taj Mahal alone. So, I am just proud of Jill for never backing down to challenges and beating even her own expectations and for venturing out to see parts of the world alone most would not wander with a crowd. I also think it is pretty great that her great friend and husband, Ken would just support her and champion her forward to take on challenges as he gently cheers her on. She only has 5 more Wonders of the 7 to go check off her list (she has been to the Grand Canyon already...check!). I am looking forward to seeing them all happen for her in the future.

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