Friday, June 29, 2007

Glad it is Friday

Image of Hammock on Richard Branson's resort that I found in a magazine. Still waiting for the invite from him and his wife! I am not certain his values, but I think it would be incredibly inspiring to go over creative ideas with him. I am in awe of his, one can dream and make it happen attitude.
I am so very glad it is Friday! Actually, I wish I was on this hammock above with the breeze gently moving and that smell of the ocean that I adore. Back to reality! Most of the month of June, Friday's are just another day when working through most weekends, but there is still something about Friday's that I just love. So, cheers to Friday's and a blissful and wonderful weekend. Okay, so much work to do! Funny, I told my friend Paige that I was going to hide in one of her suitcases as she, her sweet hubby Dan and their four girls are headed to Seaside, Florida for fourth of july week. She always comes back home with fun stories and amazing pictures of her girls. Oh well, time is ticking in my day, so back to work I go and back to a grateful heart that I have a job! I promise however to get to the beach in Mexico or Jamaica before the end of summer and get some sand between my painted toes!


shai-ann said...
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Anonymous said...

That image is beautiful! Although I haven't been to that Branson resort I have been to another and it was wonderful. This place is my new favorite spot!