Monday, July 2, 2007

Sweet Wedding Bliss

This was an amazing wedding of a cherished friend of mine, Kelley Cole. This was a huge wedding, but still very personal. Hank Aaron and other celebrity types were there if this helps you with a grandness view into the wedding. Just a sea of beautiful people honestly. Kelley was exquisite to say the least, and her hubby quite the handsome guy as well with a very kind soul. Anthony, my fiancé is quite protective of Miss Kelley and was thrilled to be one of the first guests to see her walk down the stairs to the isle. We were late, but it worked out that we got to see her glowing prior to meeting up with her Dad for the walk. How lucky are we! Kelley and Romero were just happy and relaxed and I think that when you get married you should feel how they felt. Giggling, eating as if at home without wedding stress, dancing and knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is until death do us part commitment and happy to get on with the journey of life as best friends with God smack dab in the center of it all. I do wish them much happiness, great friendship, sweet love with one another on this journey in life together.

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