Friday, July 13, 2007


I have this illustration from a Tiffany & Co. project I am working on and well, received this quote this morning. One kind of identified with the other at that moment for me with the large bag illustration and all, so enjoy. I am truly grateful that it is Friday and happy I made it through the week beyond my computer going into oblivion for a day. Grateful to the Apple store for some how taking me in and fixing my computer in minutes even though they had no appointments available for the rest of the day! The look of panic on my face for projects that could be lost might have well given them bleeding hearts for me and in so showed me amazing kindness. Silly Intel chip now fixed and OS system working again. HUGE BLESSING!!!!!! So thank you Evan at the Apple Store for your kindness in help and just your ease with giving me information. Also, I am grateful to the gentleman that saw me, this small, but mighty damsel-in-distress with heels on no less (I am certain it was a hilarious sight!), carrying this awkwardly heavy computer that I was hoping would become lighter with each step (unfortunately it was gaining pounds quickly!) and gently lifted it out of my hands and carried it in the store for me. Bless that man!

One more blessing before I go. Last night I had dinner with Gretchen, my sister, my Mom and my niece, Peyton Grace. The time spent with them was lovely. I cherish my family so! Amazing that a tall (decaf, might I add) latté shared with a 6 year old while pretending to walk with her imaginary horse named Captain was just the sweetest part of my Day. His imaginary self had to be tied up by Peyton Grace outside the gate of where we ate as he kept imaginarily nuzzling her which kept her from eating. We just can't have that now can we?! Thank you God for giving me a reason to smile beyond my work challenges today.

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paige said...

glad you had a sweet time with your family.
THAT is what life is all about!