Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lesson #280 - Listening!

So, God started early this morning on what He knew needed to be learned. Below was on my Starbucks coffee cup so bright and early. Oh me oh my, the creative lengths God must go through to teach our hearts a thing or two. Okay, in truth, teach me a thing or two! Thank you God for your grace and tenacity and never giving up and well, knowing I need this "listening" skill and teaching it to me with a gentle hand. Thank you for Starbucks coffee too. In a word, yum!

The Way I See It #280
"You can learn a lot more from listening than you can from talking. Find someone with whom you don’t agree in the slightest and ask them to explain themselves at length. Then take a seat, shut your mouth, and don’t argue back. It’s physically impossible to listen with your mouth open."-- John Moe

Happy Wednseday to you.

Image from Starbucks

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paige said...

great quote!!!!
so true