Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mountain/Whitewater Family Time

My family got together and took my Mom for a nights stay in a couple of small cabins and whitewater rafting for her birthday. She is an adventure girl ( I love that quality in her!) and well, each of her daughters have followed suit. This fearlessness includes my 6 year old niece, Peyton Grace who got right in there and actually guided the raft part of the way down the river and into/through a couple of rapids. I was just so proud of her. Half way down the river, my Mom with my nephew Zach proceeded to climb the way, hold hands and jump off a very high rock into the water, quickly followed by my niece, Peyton Grace and I together and then my sister Kelly and her husband, RJ. I didn't know that water could actually be so cold that one lost their speech! All I could think about was getting Peyton Grace above water and to the raft. She is just a brave little soul. We just had so much fun. My Mom stated to my sister Wendy, that it was the best day of her life! You know that just warms her daughters hearts. Just good to spend time with my family and laughing so hard over everything. I will be posting the whitewater rafting images very soon. Thanks family of mine for such a great time. xoxox....Too fun!

Image: Country Living

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