Monday, October 1, 2007

A Basket Full of Comfort!

Writing about light, beautiful and happy is bittersweet. Tender hearted about my friends little girl passing and it is just challenging on my heart to state the least. I feel often like I am handing them an empty basket, but the truth is that God is using the holes in the basket to fill with light full of comfort to shine through. Through this, amazing women surrounded my walk. My Mom, Sisters (Kelly, Wendy and Gretchen) and my life long friends. Paige, Karen, Jami and Lori. Out of all of these women, four have lost people they love. My mom a son (David), Paige a husband (Gregg), Jami a son (Levi) and Lori her twin sister a nephew (Levi) which was basically like a son to her too, as Peyton Grace is like a daughter to me. My Mom has been never ending with her listening ear to me, asking the right questions and showing me the way in wisdom along with each of my sisters and friends who are each just amazing. They have used their pain for something really good and I want to thank each person from the bottom of my heart. Each time loss of sweet people has occurred, this kind of pain does not lack in force in my heart, but God is still bigger, sweeter and more gentle. I am just praying to keep moving forward and walking with my precious friends Angie and her husband Don. I pray through each tear and pain a light on the other side. I am trusting that God wins anyway and His glory will be a testimony to this tragedy. I want to say thank you to each of these women and people that I am honored to know who have each used their life walk to pray for someone that lost someone dear. They have each just been an incredible beaming light of hope and strength for Angie, Don, their family and me too. I pray big that I can be used in some way to comfort for such a time as this and shine brightly in the midst. I pray to be as much of a blessing as they have been to me. Because of who these women are and seeing how God can still make wonder of tragedy, I look expectantly for the blessings to come and His light shine even brighter.

Image is just a sweet image that seems to be more of a winter image. However we roasted marshmallows over the fire on Saturday. The image made me think of a sweet time with my family and how grateful I am for those precious moments. The basket is just so full of comfort that it seemed to go with my gratitude for these friends and family of mine.

Image: Country Living: English version

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paige said...

what a beautiful entry,
your friendship & loyalty is a blessing to each of us