Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Kindred Friend!

Paige, Happy Birthday to you! I pray today filled with hope, 
peace,  amazing giggles and gentle smiles in between for you.

• You are kind
• You love God with all your heart
• You are a wonderful mother and are your girls greatest cheerleader
• You are funny, yet very graceful and love laughter
• You are future thinking
• You are an amazing wife to your sweetie Dan and have shown many 
what it means to have God in the center of a marriage.
• People love being in your company
• You are more creative than you will ever know
• You are an amazing photographer
• You are intelligent and can hold great conversation
• You are just beautiful...Like Miss Universe kind of beautiful!
• You set goals and achieve them
• You love pink, caffeine free diet coke, VW bugs and the beach
• You are great to giggle out loud with
• You are a lover of animals
• You have a sweet and grounded soul
• You are my tender life long kindred friend
• And today, You are the Birthday Queen!

You will be a crown of splendor in the Lord's hand! Isaiah 62:3

I am honored to call you my friend. To you and to many healthy and amazing years to come. Celebrating you wonderful today!


paige said...

oh my goodness....my friend, that is so wonderful!!
thank you hugs, big thank you hugs sweetie
your friendship is a gift i am honored to open every day!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kristin,
Your tribute to Paige is indeed beautiful as is your picture together...the joy shines from you both.
Take care of yourself in these busy days, so often after the deadlines, the loss of one's coworker is so much deeper...as though the completion of projects is final..be good to yourself in these days.
many hugs,

Kimber said...


this is such a beautiful tribute to Paige. You are both beautiful (inside and out) and lucky to have one another:)