Monday, April 7, 2008

Zach and Me Time

Saturday was spent as a creative day with my nephew Zach. We had a blast! We went to lunch, we talked about everything and nothing, we giggled and we had this great creative time to graphically design a t-shirt that had been on his mind. We sat together at my computer, played his kind of music which I loved (loudly) and just had the best time. I am grateful that he would want to spend time with me.  He was incredibly polite and just a gentleman. Thank you Kelly and RJ for instilling these values in him. He even insisted on opening my door no matter where we ended up, including every time I got in or out of my car (which made me giggle every time as he would burst out the car door to meet me). He is going to make a great husband to a wife one day and I pray for her to be every bit as a blessing to him as he will be to her. We topped the day off with coffee and white hot chocolate from Starbucks® very good on a rainy day and that time will go into that sweet time memory that I will cherish always.

Happy Monday to you!

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