Tuesday, September 2, 2008

100 Miles - 25 hours 37 minutes...WOW!

This image above is from a magazine article about her running and general training.

Jill Floyd is my friend and work colleague and I think super-human. She ran a 100 mile race last weekend with only a few short 2 minute breaks. I am amazed and completely inspired as I run my 7 - 8 mile runs....HA! Okay, admittedly I have told her that our company offers a great mental insurance plan, wink-wink. But truly she has done something that not many in this world have accomplished and I don't have words as she is just takes it in stride and is quick with encouraging words to say "You can do it too." This girl continues to learn and strive for the better and well, keeps me on my new running schedule that she sends me weekly. Jill, your efforts in running are truly amazing. Thank you for inspiring and giving me/us runners-to-be hope to reach for the extra mile.

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