Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Magic of a Little Risk Taker

I love how the rain made her curls into a halo here.
Okay, the person taking this picture totally missed the 
castle in the background. Oh well, fun anyway.
Image of Peyton Grace and I. I didn't have the heart to edit at all, because it is just us, in the moment and any editing even in color or manipulation would take away from us just being real. So, you get what you I love this image because she is going in for the tickle and I am having a hard time doing a picture smile because of it. Thank you PG for experiencing crazy rainy day hairdo's and making this a most fun and magical adventure along with me.

This quote is all about my 7 year old niece. She and I headed on a journey last weekend and it turned into a great adventure. I just was in awe of her love of life and ease at taking risks. She showed me that meeting the height requirement to ride the crazy rides is the key to big laughter, so off we went to experience the greatest rides, Disney parades and light shows too! There is so much to learn from this little one with twinkle eyes and a smile that I adore. She is a trooper and has no fear to experience great or find great in the little things and she loves hugs.

We were fortunate to experience every park Disney had to offer even though hurricane Fay went along with us bringing much rain each afternoon! I worked every morning off-site from 4:45am - 1pm and to see her smile just made all the tired go away each day. She showed me that thanks to hurricane Fay that there is this extra ride of jumping through puddles at Disney and giggling until ones side hurts. Rain fact #1: Puddle jumps water ride is only available when it rains and is available without a height requirement at all. Rain fact #2: If you eat ice cream in the rain, although you have to eat it fast, one needs no God just rinses it right off of you and makes ones hair crazy too!

The last day we were at this Disney water park "Blizzard Beach" in the afternoon. She was quick to ride the Summit Plummet. The crazy thing is 120ft in height, 55miles and hour and basically a free-fall and it did not stop her. She was giggling when she came off the ride and wished for a second go at it. Had I not seen other littles her age go, my safety issue thoughts (as I was going down the plummet in front of her to catch her at the end..eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!) would have kept her off the ride! I am proud of her because she is brave, she loves life so big and through a crazy week just went with the flow looking quickly for the next smile, thrill or even a way to encourage or bring delight to others and tell them that life is worth taking risks and she just takes hold of challenges!

She is my heart and totally amazing to me and I have learned very much through her and this week was able to see magic in the little things too and for that I owe her soooooo much. Had there not already been a Disney Park, well I think she would be just the person to create it. In watching her spirit this last week, she is truly Mulan and Pocahontas in this amazing little brave package through even the most challenging of circumstances.

To my family awaiting pictures of PGA. I promise I took some pictures of her during each day and will post soon.