Friday, February 6, 2009

My New Love!

No time to post in my life as of late. More just work and every now and again read a blog or two in between projects, deadlines and life events. Oh yes, and take an amazing photography course from Debbie at pixelfairyprincess this past weekend. I will post about that incredibly enriching experience later as so much to tell about the class and her knowledge/heart.  Sooooo, I was at my desk working today. Seriously with a non-stop schedule since October 15 and  there has been no down time. At any rate....I was doing a graphic for CVS, then Godiva, and then CVS...., back and forth, my head was spinning with a headache that was seeming to get worse per email request! I kept thinking..."I am not going to make it through the day with a headache and the sleepiness that is taking its toll. Then it hit me! No, I doubt it was the good Lord, but more my shouting with joy in my mind. My sister gave me my hearts desire (a Mukka Express) for Christmas and with no time available my new love was sitting in a box in the kitchen cabinet (Mine is the pretty silver/black one that has the plug in hot plate, but the pink one is more fun for the blog)! Mwaaahhhhh...., to you Woo my sis as I made my way downstairs, and shortly after watching the DVD quickly, I made what was one beautiful cappuccino. I had to make three and throw out per their suggestion. Each one coming out prettier than the one before. Then the angels sang la, la, laaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh (I am telling you I heard them!) as I sipped this pure yummmmmmm. Now after full blown espresso shot as if I went to Italy, I am back on to feeling normal with my head pounding just a little less than before and can get back to work.  I know I need to cut back on caffeine of sorts, but when there is no time for a warm bath to reflect and rest my weary head, a coffee is like that, only internally. As my niece would state. "I am not even kidding you!". :)

I hope you have a blissful weekend.


Lissa said...

I am so happy that I stumbled onto your blog today! I love your heart. You have some darling images in this blog and I just have to say that after Jesus-coffee fixes everything! :) What a beautiful blog! Lissa

paige said...

yeah you...i didn't know you had gotten that
how fun!
hope you rest some this weekend

3 Peanuts said...

Oh that looks yummy. I did not know you took Debbie workshop! I am taking it in 2 weeks in Austin. Show us some of your shots!


Queen B. said...

OOOh that looks divine. I love the coffee pot !