Monday, January 19, 2009

Me. Taken by my sister, Kelly at the end of a lovely day at the farm.
Strange to post a picture of myself, but I remember that day distinctly being in such a peaceful and trusting  place with God. 
I just needed to be reminded of that place and well, this is for my Mom too.

I woke up to my early morning quiet time with God. Some mornings He does seem to wake me up earlier than others, smile! I hope it is Him waking me at least and not me trying to win his favor with am I good enough..., yet, or just coffee calling as I could hear it in the coffee maker as I was still under the covers. I am more bold with myself in talk so pray it is more him waking my heart to his whisper of "Good morning, come on downstairs and spend a little time with me before you get in your daily schedule, and allow me to order your day". I heard these words (summarized) and I think it is brilliant to live out in a day, but fall much in my own shortcomings or A-Type personality that does not allow room for error, especially concerning myself. Thought I would put on my blog to see and remind myself how Christ is always, so hopefully I can reflect a glimmer of him and sunshine to other's souls.

Be a blessing and not a burden today. Love and don't exasperate others and don't allow others to exasperate you by turning your face a bit towards God and know that your confidence, integrity and character rest in him and that he is the one to whom you answer for your actions at the end of every day. Forgive others, as you have many faults too. Show others the same grace that God has given you, because this side of heaven we all need it. Your actions will be what turns faces towards God. Use words only when necessary. Listen big and lastly, just smile, be real and be grateful for the little things and God will certainly smile back at you.

A special thanks to my mom. I call her "Mon Amie" (My friend in French), for just being my friend, my mentor and such a good example to walk by. You are my special blessing in life and I am so grateful to know you and hope I can be as big a blessing and support right back to you.

This link below is a sermon from Joel for me to remind me of some things. If you would like click on the link. It might be something for you too. Thought this was the best place to keep it to listen to.
Living Without Crutches - Joel


paige said...

oh i love the picture & i love all the bright glow of the farm house

so so precious

3 Peanuts said...

You are one tall drink of water pretty lady! Thank you for your inspirational words. I needed them today. Just feeling empty and tired normal stay at home Mom doldrums but this post is what I needed.

pinkstilettos said...

Hey Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Love your post here- so sweet! Have a nice day. Daisy~

Queen B. said...

such a sweet photo. Love the pait on walls ! So happy. Love the wooden floor...
Love your blue & red together... you really DO look peaceful.
Great photo.