Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meet Danty

Meet Danty. My new sponsor girl through Compassion International. She is 11 and from Indonesia. She looks so sad to me and it breaks my heart! However, I am going to find a way to bring a big smile to her. Where there is a will, well, there is a way, smile!
Prior, I had this sweet, tenacious sponsor girl named Evi (pictured above) for 11 years through Compassion from age 3 to age 14. In November I found out that she had moved and was taken out of the program. The information given in a phone call to me was quick and vague. In honesty, I was lost in the message and quite angry. My heart was broken with questions. How am I going to know she is ok? Will she be safe? How do you just loose track of someone that matters! Oh, and that I gently wished her to know that her future, food and school and her heart towards God mattered to me. The company of Compassion could give me no solid answers to her quick departure, but they were kind as I called saddened (In anger..., lets just call it what it is.) requesting information as to why. I pulled back and did a discovery of my heart as to why I did it in the first place. I went freelance years ago before my current job and did not have much money at all. I thought, you know what. God I am going to step out in faith. I don't have much to give but realize if I can help this little girl and trust you to bring in the funds to send to Compassion Intl. and my normal tithe on whatever I make, well, I can trust my life and welfare to God too. So I did just that. Evi ended up being a great blessing and humbled me quite often to what really matters in life. In this I found that it is truly a financial testimony to how really cool God is in so many aspects as God always met my financial needs perfectly sometimes to the penny exactly.

In that reminder, I realized that God knows every hair on Evi's head and if I trust him at all, I have to trust that he has her in his hand. So, I did more investigating of where Compassion funds go to and back reports on the company. In this I found a place that really does have the child's future in mind. So, I looked and found Danty after months of reflecting. This little girl has been waiting for someone to choose her for 6 months! I cannot imagine waiting for someone to pick me with my schooling and things that go with this hanging on a pendulum. So, I am now on a new adventure with a little girl named Danty. While Evi always sits in my heart every day I continue in prayer over her life, I pray that I handle my communication and care in prayers for Danty better than I did for Evi. I pray to bring this little girl peace in her life and allow God to show her his heart through me in some capacity. I just wanted you to meet this little girl. My new little friend that I hope to encourage and make life a little softer for in some way. I know she will show me much too.

I pray your day is going well and wish for sunshine all over you today! With this winter weather that I am soooooo over I think we could all use a good dose of sunshine on our faces!


Lissa said...

It sounds like God brought her right to you! What a blessing you can be in her little life! :)

I'm sooo ready for sun. I'm soaking in every little bit we get but I thought you lived where its always warm and sunny. Guess I need to get my geography right!

paige said...

congrats on your new endeavor with danty!
love all these frequent entries of yours