Thursday, March 5, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies and The Freezer?

People Say You Place Them In the Freezer And They Last All Year Long????

What I want to know is how you get them in there
and not just place an empty box for later consumption?

This morning in comes Jon, our co-worker/office GS cookie vendor. You know you have one of these Dads of a girl scout in your office too, with the cute little bags of our Girl Scout Cookie orders.

I fall prey every year to their cute little smiles, dressed all in green as if little leprechauns showing me gold at the end of the rainbow. Then I listen to the "Learning Life Skills" sales pitch as they hand over their pretty little colored lists welcoming me to a tasty order! I think they are used as Satan's tool..., seriously people! I lessened my order to three boxes this year. My girl scout did not look happy with me as she was with her Dad selling them. She probably in her mind thought "She will be calling me later, just you wait and see and begging me and possibly selling off her children if she had any for more!" Little did I remember the rate at which I can consume a box, or three! I know there is a God/life lesson! Hope I learn it quickly lest I be surprised when I have to learn it again.

Anyhoo..., I gave Jon my money and promised myself they would stay there...on my desk...untouched. I would work and look over at them as if to keep watch. Yep, they are still there....staring at me! I had a conversation with my co-worker as we talked about adding mileage to my running. I am a very disciplined person people, really I am. So, my cookies sat on my desk in the bag, tied as if not to tempt! My boss says he orders them and puts them in the freezer to eat later. He must order many lest he get any in there! I have to laugh out-loud as I look next to my keyboard only to realize that I have unbeknown to me, not only opened a box of Thin Mints, but had already consumed six! Eeeeek. "What in Sam Hill did I just do?!!!!!!). I would pick salty over sweets on any given day, but tell me there are thin mints somewhere and seriously without knowing it I will go through a wall to get to those pretties and consume a pack in a breaths time and not feel like I have tasted even one! I hasten to find the calorie count..., Oh my!

Time for prayer, confession and reflection, smile!....

Oh well, I made it. I am back on the cookie wagon and they are now safely in the kitchen and in the freezer. I am seriously going to have to walk out the other side of the office today. Thank goodness it is a bit of a walk so I can get rid of these six cookies that quickly made there way into my hands. I find this funny as I just talked with a dear friend of mine about working out and eating healthy and added at the end of the sentence..."It Matters." As if to give this guy a lecture. If you only knew how healthy he eats. He should be giving me the lecture!

Oh well, one has to know their enemy, right? And the enemy my friends are GS cookies! HA.
Obviously I went with the saying...."Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!" :)

I don't believe in throwing one's money to the wind either, but may have to give these babies to the sweet man that comes and collects my trash at the end of each work day. Sure I will confess to him and he will look at me and smile as if to know what I am saying and take the cookies and say good night in the English he knows. Thank goodness he will not know what I am saying and hopefully take these cookies out of my life!!!!!

I hope if you did get your cookies this week that they landed safely in the freezer and well if not, they are good for the eating, smile!

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Lissa said...

You know what's funny? I have 4 boxes and me and the girls are all allergic!!! I can't say no to those sweet girls!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You are a riot!! You should meet my husband....he ordered 14 boxes last year from my niece....I almost died when they showed up at our house via UPS. Talk about tempting...and I am not even a cookie person!! Nick and Pat can eat an entire sleeve in one sitting......and eventually worked their way through all the boxes...better them than me:)

3 Peanuts said...

My boys cannot eat them (allergies) so we only buy a few boxes and we NEVER finish them. We always end up throwing some away. I know it is criminal isn't it?


Queen B. said...

Oh man, those are the best cookies ever. THat picture brings back my childhood memories !!

paige said...

is that my bro that saves them in the freezer
who knew