Monday, April 27, 2009

{A little Monday Positive for ya on being BRAVE!}

Count it a JOY
When life gets hard.
God is doing something HUGE!
He is also proving
That you are NOT a fake.

Be BRAVE, Mighty Warrior
Your God is with you!
When Waves are Crashing,
STAND to your feet.
Throw your head back
and FEEL the wind of the Spirit!

God is painting a MASTERPIECE
with Multi-colored trials.
Go forth and display
Divine special effects
To the Great Glory of GOD.


-Beth Moore

Because we all need a little BRAVE in us well......., ALWAYS!

"We either make ourselves miserable,
or we make ourselves strong.
The amount of work is well, the same!"
-Carlos Castaneda

Sending you a little BRAVE and Smiles/Sunshine all over you this Monday!

Image via: cig harvey


Lissa said...

Yes, yes, yes! We can do it! I love this my friend!!! :)

Beth said...

YES! Great post. Hope you are having a good week!! The picture of you and your friends is so pretty!