Monday, April 27, 2009

{My lifelong blessings }

Me, Jami, Paige and Lori
Above are images of my lifelong precious soul friends from last month. Yes, they are beautiful on the outside, but what they have in their hearts outshines any of that! I am better in all ways for knowing these women. 

What a blast and a true blessing to have a day with them! These moments are rare with them in life, but when we are together it is as if not one day or second has passed between us. Oh, we laughed so hard and at the end of the day their husbands were actually pulling away in their cars to get us to leave one another's company..., and we laughed again! 

These women make me funnier, try harder, love God in a more pure and solid way, think deeper, or lighter, or hope fuller and more of everything else in life!
We have seen much in this life between the four of us. We have expereinced smiles big and pain to the depths of one's soul together. The sweetness is always knowing that even if we don't see one another that we know where to find one another and that prayers, laugther and unspoken support is just there! Always! We always find a way back to one another's company, be it a phone call or email to always find laughter within the conversation. All of the conversations ending with a "We need to find time to get together more often."
I am grateful for each of these women and know my soul is better for knowing them too. Paige's post from before Easter said it perfectly. I pray you friends like this too in life to walk through life with, where Come What May, always has a smile at the end of every story. 

Thank you three for being my lifelong blessings! I pray I can bless you back 100 fold!
I love you three girls!


Lissa said...

Can I come stand on the end and put my arm around you guys too? :) Your friendship you share to soooo stinkin' special! And if you guys aren't just the most darlin' little things!!!

paige said...

you know i love you!!

Queen B. said...

Oh my gosh you are all sooooo GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

annechovie said...

What a blessing to have several close friends who are such a wonderful support to you. Great photo of all of you!

mimi charmante said...

The four of you look so happy to be together, which makes you even more gorgeous (gorgeouser?)! :)
Is that *our* Paige? (why yes, I do feel quite comfortable claiming her as ours...) How wonderful that you are true friends.
Thanks for sharing this with me - girlfriends are very very close to my heart~

Maddy said...

What a gorgeous bunch! You are all so lucky to have one another :)

Sweet Grace Farms said...

You are the best daughter ever. You're my favorite.