Friday, May 8, 2009

{Happy Sweet Mom's Day}


you are...

...a song after a sweet rain
...wise, no, on second thought, a blast!
...the color yellow and red, and sometimes robins egg blue in personality
...rebellious (love that!)
...soooo creative
...God serving
...beautiful soul!

You are my person I talk to every morning. You are my Mom. Oh yes, and Mom to three other girls. You are in a way too the Dad your girls never had (You know what I am saying!).  You are a Grammy and Mum.  You are my confidant. You are the person I can talk about earth, Heaven, character, integrity, God and well, politics/current events with. You are laughter to me, and sunshine all wrapped up in one. You are sweet friends to each of my friends given to me in this life, and that makes each of them your friends too. You are the person I love talking creative anything with and dreams as well. You are a genius in IQ level! You are a missionary, business woman and farm girl all wrapped up in one. You are a giver and taught your girls about being a woman that is of substance not by what you ever said, but in every action you took throughout life. You enjoy the yummy taste of coffee along with me and know my heart better than anyone. You have always been my true friend. You are adventurous and daring.  You are more fun than I will ever be..., and well you are just "my person" and a living-breathing rainbow to me and every person you touch in this life. 

Love you my Mon amiĆ©!

..., and well every other nickname given to you....Graham Cracker, SueBee, MYMOM, Mamma, 
Susan, Suzanne, Grammy, Mum, Polly, Mom, My person
and God would call you His Girl!

So glad I get to experience you in life!

xo!!!!!!! Me


Farmgirl Paints said...

What a beautiful post to your mama!! She will LOVE that. It reminds me that I have to write a brilliant touching tribute to my mom. Oooh the pressure to get it just right and you did:)

Julie said...

This is so sweet! You did an amazing job putting your mom into words. :)

Melissa Marie said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother! You definitely have a knack for writing...and that is truly a blessing from God. :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet are welcome back anytime! :)
So nice to meet you,

Lissa said...

so touching! Your mom will love this! Well... what mom wouldn't? xoxo

charmaine said...

hi Kristin! what an inspiration you are! this letter to your mom is so beautiful and heart warming. Mother's are truly one of God's greatest gifts. i know your mother is thankful to God for a daughter like you. i hope you and your family have a blessed Mother's Day celebration! thank you for stopping by today.

God Bless,