Tuesday, May 19, 2009

{Smile Like You Mean It!}

I pray her life wishes to come true!
Love those curls that fall around her face like a halo!
Yesterday was this little one's birthday. She is eight now! 
When did that happen? 
Oh, I love this little one with everything in me. 
And that is saying it lightly!
That has to be what you as life givers to your babies feel, but more because they are your very own children. 

At any rate, she is as close as it gets for me for now and I can't even find words to express without getting a huge smile to tell you how much I not only love, but like her too as just a good person. 

I would give my life for her, I just would! 
(Wendy and PG...No we did not understand these sculptures! HA!)

So, to define her personality would be in a statement she said long ago. She woke up one morning and the first words out of her sweet mouth were,
"Did I miss Anything?!!!!!!!!".

• She lives life BIG and loves big.
• She is Resilient and BRAVE!
• She loves God and talks with me as if she has experiences 
with Him in real time! Nothing weird, just pure!
• She does NOT Fear! But has this BIG FAITH!
•She loves all of God's animals...,even slugs...eeeek!
• She is so very intelligent that it is crazy!
....She got that from her Mamma!
• She is a problem solver and biggest giver.
•She is always up for Adventure! (Even if that is a waterslide that is free fall at 120ft! And then asks if she can do it again!)

• She knows how to laugh.
• She is creative!
• She knows when to be serious.

Selfishly, for me she knows how to hold my face with her tender little hands and just look me in the eyes and smile and I start giggling and all is good in the world again.

She is the calm to anyone...,in any storm. 
She would be that for you too. In a heartbeat!

Next to God, she is the greatest 
thing that has EVER happened to me in this life!
She lives life so big and just so full of life. She gives hugs as if she were reaching into your heart and holding it itself. She is as funny as the day is long, and my dearest of friends in life are constantly bantered with my repeating things she said.
After going to Paige's once we were riding home. She said "Kiki, is there anything you don't know that I need to teach you?" Long story short she taught me how to laugh.

PG Laughter Recipe:
Get calm
Take a deeeeeeep breath in.
Now let it out and smile big.
The laughter cannot help but come out.
Then there is always a wind down breath
 as if to sye and a lull and the giggles started again!

There are also PG Recipes for whistling 
and putting a little extra lovin in food while she is cooking.

She has taught me to just find the happy in me and take every opportunity to laugh-out-loud, and live life so big!

Oh yes we are! Recreating human art! A typical moment with PG! :)

So, even though your sweet birthday was yesterday. I want you to know my Lulupie that I love you with all my heart and so very glad that the world gets to experience a happy soul like yours!
In ending, this is something she might say you in a daily teaching from Peyton Grace's amazing mind...

BECOME YOUR OWN HAPPINESS GURU... Happiness comes from within! If you’re not happy, change it – you and only you, are in charge of your happiness! To speak negative words, you must be thinking them, so think positive. Change your thoughts and change what you say! Make up your own personal positive mantra which you say each day. Sure you’ll feel funny at first but making a daily pledge is a reminder of your inner strength and gradually words will change the way you think, and feel.

Happy Day to Each of You! 
May you find blessings sweetly falling all over you!


Kasey said...

beautiful pics...
and happy day to the cutie!!!

paige said...

so glad ya'll have such a sweet relationship
super sweet pics

annechovie said...

Happy Birthday to Lulupie! She's a cutie.

Julie said...

What a sweet post! It's so nice that you guys have such a wonderful relationship. Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun. Cut pics too.

susanmom said...

That little girl is just fun happening. What a gift she has been to us all. You are so great at expressing yourself. It's a joy to read your blog.

Farmgirl Paints said...

What a blessing to be so close to a niece. I bet you are one cool aunt:) HaPpy BiRtHdaY Lulupie!!

charmaine said...

what a beautiful relationship! this post is so inspiring the words are just touching. she is just a little doll. i love her curly hair! love the pictures Happy Birthday LUlUPIE! have a nice day!

God Bless,

Lissa said...

kristin, so beautifully written. We got a glimpse in to your heart and it is beautiful and full! I LOVE this personal post! I love your love for your niece. I love that she lives life big! That's how it should be! BIG! my heart if full...

Lissa said...

my heart IS full...

darn it!

Tara said...

What a lovely post, you sound like an amazing auntie...and she sounds like this little girl with an amazing personality and soul...you two are lucky to have each other, but I don't have to tell you that! She is adorable...

3 Peanuts said...

PG reminds me SO much of an 8 year old little boy I know who is also a happiness guru! She is wise beyond her happy and beautiful years. And she is lucky to have such a great Aunt Kiki!

You are both beautiful inside and out form where I sit:)
Happy birthday!

Christy said...

I love that line...become your own happiness guru!

Happy birthday to your little one. Fabulous photos!

charmaine said...

hi Kristin! thank you so much for your always kind words! you are so sweet! by the way, did i tell you how much i love that picture of you by your profile, simply gorgeous darling! your eyes are striking, just beautiful! you go girl! stay gorgeous and have a lovely weekend!

God Bless,

Dita said...

Beautiful post...oh, how you love PG and how PG loves you right back...it's crystal clear!

Happy Birthday, Little Angel!