Monday, March 29, 2010

{Just Enough Light}

Sometimes only the step I'm on,
or the very next one ahead,
is all that is illuminated for me.
God gives just the amount of light I need
for the exact moment I need it.
At those times I walk in surrender to faith,
unable to see the future
and not fully comprehending the past.
And because it is God who has given me
what light I have,
I know I must reject the fear and
doubt that threaten to overtake me.
I must determine to be content where
I am, and allow God to get me where I
need to go.
I walk forward,
one step at a time,
fully trusting that
the light God sheds
is absolutely sufficient.
~Stormie Omartian

A very dear friend of mine sent this to me this morning.

This soul of mine needed this as I walk today.

As I walk always.



Angie said...

I certainly needed this today. I guess this was his way of "shedding" just the light I needed today! ;)

Jetta... said...

Love it!

Lissa said...

that's beautiful!

Sweet Grace Farms said...

Beautiful words for life. Now, if I could just get through a day walking like that.

paige said...

yes, those are beautiful powerful words indeed

Farmgirl Paints said...

I have that book...Just enough light for the step I'm on (I think that's the title). Soooo good:)

sanjeet said...

that's beautiful!
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