Thursday, April 1, 2010

{Happy~Tender Day Paige}

Happy Beautiful Birthday to you Paige.

She is a Wife, A mother, a Daughter, a friend and most importantly a Child of God.

She is solid.

She is a fighter to live her life in perfect peace with her creator.

She is striking and in person even prettier.

She is gentle.

She is graceful.

She is a praiser and will find the blessing in the smallest of details.

She is a listener, but will also be real enough to tell you what she thinks.

She is loyal.

She is a workout girl and finds freedom in running free.

She is an animal lover.

She is a nurse.

She is photographer and has a gift to find beautiful emotion through that lens of hers.

She is a go-getter/multi-tasker.

She is a glass not just half full but overflowing.

She is a Champion for her Girls.

She loves her husband gentle, full and true.

She has had to walk through some hard seasons in this life and chooses to take a deep breath, smile and choose grace even beyond fear she might feel and choose to take every good moment forward in life and hold it precious and delight in those moments. I have benefitted from watching her walk through the choice of grace in real time.

She is a giggler and will find laughter, yep, even if a storm happens, she will find joy.

She is a friend and people seek her friendship out because she makes one feel laughter in their soul that cannot be purchased.

She is real.

She is color~bright in personality and all creams and white peaceful too.

She is strong in character.

She is a sweet~christian~country~song and a hard rock too.

She is a country~city kind of girly.

She is an overcomer!

She is feisty.

She is intelligent.

She is future driven.

She seeks good and finds it...yes all the days of her life.

She has been a part of my family since I can remember when.

She is a blessing and is blessed.

She is my friend!
She has literally walked through emotional life fires with me.
She has challenged me.
She has loved me.
She has given me grace.
She has made me laugh!!!!!! She always did this though.
She has stood true in our friendship.
She has called me to the real of me and has called me to seek God's face.
She has given me laughter in my soul and a smile to stand solid at times when I fell.
She has called me to count my blessings.

Paige~ thank you for the laugher, the hope, even the tense times that made our friendship stronger. I am humbled by you and grateful for the blessing of you.

I look forward to walking through the rest of this funny,
crazy, sweet, hard life with you as my precious life friend.

Paige know I am wishing you the best year ever...yet.

The best is yet to come!

Sunshine to you.


all that i am said...

what love...
what a heartfelt testimonial...
what a true friend you both must have in each other!

all that i am said...

thank you Kristin...
thru your blog I found Paige's blog...
love you both
or as I read someone say...'blove'...

Jetta... said...

I just have to say... I love how you love your friends. I hope everyone is lucky enough to know a love like yours.

happy easter~!

Angie said...

what a beautiful tribute to a friendship! It's sounds to me like you are both lucky to have crossed eachother paths!

Kasey said...

Happy birthday paigie....
what a sweet post about your friend K!!

Anonymous said...

ahh so sweet of a post!! happy birthday paige!

paige said...

oh my goodness
i'm speachless

i just don't even know what to say

that is beautiful
simply beautiful
& maybe some of the most heartfelt words i've ever heard

i told you your love language was the spoken word
thank you for loving me well

i'm still speachless

well that & reminded that image was a 10 pound lighter me...sheesh...need to go get my run in...maybe double today!!

i love you dearly
thank you

thank you for takign the time to make sure i feel loved

Farmgirl Paints said...

What a sweet friend you are my dear. Precious that Paige!!

Raining Pearls said...

What a beautiful post for a beautiful friend!!!

Donna said...

Sweet Kristin, you always have the right words. What a beautiful post to an awesome lady! You are so blessed to have each other! Hugs to you! said...

Aren't friends wonderful...we are so blessed to have each one in our lives...


Anonymous said...

What sweet words and tribute to Paige. She must be a very special lady. How wonderful to share such deepfelt friendship and love.
It awakens in me words of kindness ( though in Dutch off course ), that I speak off too little...way too little.
Lieve groeten
to you and Paige and Happy Easter
Godeliva van Ariadone

paperbird said...

Kristin what a beautiful tribute to your friend. you are such a sweet and genuine soul.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You BOTH are just absolute darling women to the CORE!! What a precious thing to write and what a precious woman to write ABOUT!

Happy Easter sweetie!

Martha said...

Oh what sweet words you wrote about Paige!!! It is absolutely true!

sanjeet said...

what a true friend you both must have in each other!
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