Saturday, August 21, 2010

{Sweet Grace}

I found this image as I worked this
morning of my niece, Peyton Grace and I.

"Grace binds you with far stronger cords than the
cords of duty or obligation can bind you.
Grace is free, but once you take it
you are bound forever to the Giver,
and bound to catch the spirit of the Giver.
Like produces like,
Grace makes you gracious,
the Giver makes you give."

-- E. Stanley Jones

She is a gift and is to me: Grace

I am to her: Peace.

I realize that with a child you give the umbrella to protect and all selfishness dissipates.

This is how we are, a solid place to land and just gentle delight.
I know I don't deliver to her out~loud laughter, but realize I don't have to.

She and I give one another this peaceful place that we can just be us.
It is in this peaceful place where thoughts,
adventure, smiles or concerns are always welcome.
Just real, just us.

She is my true joy and I am grateful for her and owe her my life.
Truth be known she is like Yoda to me and says and
does profound things as if she is 100 year old soul of wisdom.

So to your weekend I pray you this kind of peace.
I pray you gentle smiles.
And a heart full of soul~shine that
warms you down to your toes and
makes all storms fail to its great light.


Angie said...

Beautiful image and the words as well. It truly is amazing to follow your blog. Such powerful images, thoughts, scripture. I might not always comment but I am always reading and even more so am always touched by what you share.

Raining Pearls said...

The bond you share with your sweet niece is so special. She is your sould mate. This post is so beautiful. I hope to someday have a daughter and plan to use "Grace" as her middle name as well. Hope you don't mind if I print out the quote and put it in my believe box full of things I'm gathering just in case...

Blessings to you sweet girl!

Jo said...

What a lovely post and so heartfelt.

Wonderful words and just what I needed to hear today.


Farmgirl Paints said...

What a sweet picture of the two of you. Sounds like you are both pretty lucky to have one another:)

paperbird said...

Beautiful- all of it dear Kristin.

Mrs.B said...

No words to tell you how timely this was for me. Beautiful!

Lissa said...

i pray gentle smiles over your week as well. I'm so glad you have her. I know how you love her.

Sweet Grace Farms said...

Those are my girls and I love them to pieces!