Thursday, August 19, 2010

{Smile and Confession}

Life is too colorful to live your life beige.
Life is too amazing not to live it always in a grateful place full of faith.

Soooo...My Confession.....

I SING in the car to loud music and I SPEED....

Oh My Land!

Beyond this peaceful, deep thinking soul of me,
I just plain LOVE Adventure like that.
I love the feeling of wind hitting my face,
or that feeling of being free as if to fly.

Please forgive as I am working hard to stop the habit that is...but struggling.

I even prayed about it.
Yes, God already knows and I pray has His angels all around me.
Thank you God for that as I try to work through this.

Yes, I will seek my Best Friends for accountability.

I try not to speed or sing in the car, because I have seen people do this...and it looks funny!
You know you giggle at those souls too, even if you are one of them like me!

I always promised myself I would be real here. So I am.

Admission is the first step to recovery, right?!!!

I find I have to catch myself over and over.
I will tell you that I am not proud of the speeds I have topped out at
as I look down at the speedometer and say oh my!
I am just saying I should have been a race car driver {ahem!}.
I sing to my ipod when I run too..
That does not for some reason look as silly as driving and singing!
I sing when I run though to help with my breathing.
I have athletic asthma and always seem to get side stitches. UGH.
Thorn in my side....literally!
If anyone knows how to stop side stitches please intervene!!!!!!

Honestly, I try hard not to speed but realize at this point it is a part of me and well
generational as I get this adventure side of me from my MOM!

But her zest of life is what makes her wonderful! So not all of this is bad to live life.
Mom and I talk about how when stress hits us that there is
nothing better than getting on a horse and running the horse as fast as it will go!
Sooooo, my car is my horse in a way...just keeping it real here.

I guess it can be used for good somehow as
I learn to submit to God and follow the laws of the land at 55mph. UGH!
But in this town you go 55mph and people will run you over.


I was minding my own business...singing and speeding that is.

And then it happened....

I looked over to see a man smiling as he was quite tickled to my out loud singing!
I mean I think my voice is pretty ok, but then again the people
on American Idol tryouts think their voices are good too!

Yes...I turned a beautiful shade of REDDDDDD!
But can smile at the mess of me and realize it is good to giggle along with ones silliness.
only to find out.... after driving for a moment...

I looked over to change lanes..see I am a good driver and
unbeknownst to me that same man in his truck
was minding his own business and singing "laaa laa laa" toooooooo!

...and hitting his hands as if a drum set on the steering wheel. I DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!!

So, thank you mr. singer for
knowing that smiling is good and then well singing too.
Even if he caught me in the act and now doing a performance all of his own!
I did NOT make eye contact with the man,
but thought it funny how he was doing the same thing.
I quickly changed lanes and went on my way.

I now know I am not the only one.

Is there something that you do that you don't
realize that you do in a day and then catch yourself
and smile or say "OH MY!"
that you try not to do but makes you feel alive?

Please make this day count. You don't get these seconds back.
I know that life can serve trouble
but I have learned through much that no matter
the trials you can dust yourself off and do this day and do it well.

It's a decision....and lots of talking to God! Amen.

I will be a trier too, so please say Yes.


Julie said...

Love this Kristin! I can always count on being inspired when I get to read one of your posts. :) Have a wonderful weekend.

paige said...

where did the speed racer story go????
hope your day is wonderful friend

Farmgirl Paints said...

I speed a little too. Not with headphones on though. You are too funny! Is that last picture of you really?? That is so cool.

Lissa said...

I sing and dance in the car. I think that man was trying to flirt with you.