Thursday, September 23, 2010


Whether you be man or woman you will never
do anything in this world
without courage. It is the greatest quality
of the mind next to

-- James Lane Allen


Farmgirl Paints said...

Okay I need to get up some courage to go fix dinner...ha;) Seriously even that takes a little push! Love that pic. Makes me wanna run right into the tide. Happy day to you friend.

Lissa said...

i wish that picture was me. but maybe it's natalie.
love that pic!

Lissa said...
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Martha said...

that is beautiful and so is that picture! Makes me wish I was doing the same at the beach:)

paperbird said...

oh that is a dreamy photograph- i wish i was near the waters where the color is so heavenly. Kristin your quote is good- we all need a little courage with one thing or the other... i love the wisdom and light you share. have a beautiful weekend!

paige said...

wish that was me!!!
sorry we played telephone tag. i hope to catch you this weekend
ps..we're planning on PCC at GAC