Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sprinkling Light and a lot of Fa La La

Yes, time for some fa la la la la....are you ready to catch some light?

I cannot believe that the time is here already to sprinkle light across the city.

It seems like time passes so quickly anymore in working much, but I am grateful.
Still though, I want to slow time down and kiss the sky and enjoy moments.
I am going to make it a point next spring to see a sunrise on a beach wrapped in a blanket.
Yes, I will stay in a hotel of course, and somewhere magical sounds delicious,
but wish to go out one night and sleep on the beach and
wake up to a sunrise with great smiles!

{ahem...oops...I got lost in the sand in my toes moment, smile.}


Back to to fa la la...

For weekends now since the beginning of October we have
been lighting outside trees, fluffing boughs,
prepping ornaments and making wreaths pretty in the quiet....
ok, not so quiet probably, but you get my point
of this sparkly business I get to be a part of!
Only to present a whole bunch of joy and a city lit up with those
twinkle lights to all the week of Thanksgiving.

We are now in full time Installation of Holly Productions.
My families corporate Christmas decorating business,
to Deck the Halls and make this city beautiful.

Hopefully many smiles will present themselves as we work
and bring smiles to many because joy is good for the soul.

This kind of work is not for sissies! I am not even kidding you!
But hopefully we will find smiles and giggles true as we haul things many times our weight.

I pray everyone has a beautiful Thanksgiving
and that you smile so much with family and friends, just because.

Peace and gentle smiles to you always.


Lissa said...

you've already started? well stay safe and try and get some rest. I know how busy you get! and you are certainly not a sissy

Farmgirl Paints said...

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!! so fun...and exhausting i'm sure:)

paige said...

so glad that i have a bff who is decorting the city
my own personal christmas light fairy!
& ps
i am SO holding you accountable to this 'i;m headed to the beach' statement
just sayin

3 Peanuts said...

I remember this from last year (and maybe the year before). I know your family business is so busy and the work of decorating the city is HARD work but I am sure you are bringing joy to many. Wish you were in our city...I have a tree that I want to light up like that!

Vickie said...

Hi - I really have been inspired by your blog. It is wonderful.

Also, did your family business by any chance decorate Lenox mall? I love the white lights with the leaves and would love to know how to purchase some. Happy times spreading the fa la la!

BearShe Cottage said...

I'm in the mood to start decorating too. Have fun!

All That Jazz said...

It will look so pretty when it is done!! I love seeing lights around town during the holidays!!

Sammy said...

That sounds like a fun business.