Sunday, December 5, 2010

{What Peace Looks Like To Me}

I found this image in my phone from a couple of months ago.
No, I did not take my makeup off to go to sleep, so the eyeliner is a bit crazy...oh well.
We were trying that night to see who could stay awake the longest...I will say, she won {wink}.

I always lay my hair up on top of the pillow because it gets all
curly-wild at night and in my face when I wake.
My niece was having a night over and she looked to me when she woke, smiled and said...

"Kiki, you hair looks like one of those pencils
with the hair that you twirl and it gets all crazy!"
It did look like that! We giggled out-loud!

So, she did her hair the same and at 6:15AM we captured this picture with my phone.

She is delight and full of giggles, she speaks words of wisdom straight to one's soul as
if Yoda talking. I love that about her, she is wiser than her years. She has had to be.

She inspires to show the world to see that one should not take one-second for granted,
but breathe-in, breathe-out and enjoy so much this adventure called life.

She has taught me... to give a hug and mean it genuine as a gift to warm another's soul. to giggle {Literally, she had specific instructions to this, as in step # 1, 2, 3!}. to whistle {I still can't whistle, but she says she can hear it...faintly. I smile!}.
She is such the consummate encourager.

She still teaches me to learn from life challenges and let hard things rest, or go
....and hold close to the heart moments perfect.

I realize I bring her peace and a solid place to just rest and find a gentle smile.

She is sunshine-amazing and imperfectly-perfect to me in every way.

She is not my daughter, but to this day she is my greatest blessing in this life.
And I love her.
I pray her life peaceful, beautiful, adventurous, protected and just amazing.


kerrie said...

You are beautiful.

Is your family Company really called Holly .....?

My daugther's name is Holly. Holly Noel actually because she is a Christmas baby. ox

Farmgirl Paints said...

so glad you have each other...that picture is precious. a little blurb in time that you'll never forget:) happy day to you friend.

Angie said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE this photo!!!!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

First of all, that photo is actually really gorgeous and you should frame it!!
Secondly, the comment you left me today not only made me day, but was the timely sort of love that I SO needed! I have had a heavy heart about a bunch of things all weekend, and your words brought warmth to me. Thank YOU for being the constant blessing that YOU are! You never ever leave a comment on my blog that I don't read at least three times, and cherish deep down in my heart. You are incredibly precious. just so YOu know!! Thank you so much.

paige said...

you know i LOVE it when you share your words & your images.
bring it girl!!

love this
you are so blessed to have each other

mimi charmante said...

She is a lucky girl to have your love and adoration! You are an incredible female role model my friend~

3 Peanuts said...

she is blessed to have you too;)

Cherie Wilson said...

Sweet words Auntie Kiki! Wanted to say hello and send along a wish for a VIBRANT Spirit filled Christmas full of the Love of Christ!! God bless you! XOXO

teddy said...

How awesome that you have a sweet neace to share bed hair. Was the photo taken from an iPhone? I have one and all my front pictures are fuzzy if I don't clean out the lint on my otter box cover. Just an fyi....

chrissy said...

this is a beautiful post for me to be introduced to your blog...."i bring her a solid place to just rest and find a gentle smile."
you are my kind of girl.
so happy i crossed your path.

i am a fan!