Friday, December 3, 2010

"The darkness hides the true size of fears and lies and regrets, Jesus explained.
The truth is they are more shadow than reality. So they seem bigger in the dark.
When the light shines into the place where they live inside you,
you start to see them for what they are."

-The Shack

One just has to have a bit of COURAGE to simply allow a bit
of light into those dark and real places of us
and gain this kind of amazing glow.

I mean seriously people, I desire to be a perfect woman. I just do. I still do.
But, have become real where light may have a chance to shine on it's own.
My motives changed in my heart and melted as I learned what selfless love is.
I desire to love selflessly with an open hand. I just do.

I tucked neatly in a work-in-progress box titled, no less {Darkness} that holds truth of
the human condition of me lay hidden. Gasp!
But, I had it tied neatly with red ribbons and a really pretty red bow!

I mean don't we all have one of those boxes tucked in the secret of our souls? Or is it just me?

So I set off on my merry way to be perfect and not human. To capture in me the perfect soul.
La, la, la... I am determined after all.
Ok , not so la la la...but more la la rrrrrrrrrrr, try hard and be perfect and graceful.
Who am I kidding? I mean seriously people!
I thought I could overcome all of me. Not be human kind of overcome.
Silly me, but determined {smile}.

What if we became at least willing to turn our face and allow
His shining this true light into all the dark areas to make our soul shine real.
To be used in the long run to help others shine too?

Just simply shine from the inside out.
Not because it is proven perfect, but a soul that glows His kind of real light because
He allows it to shine that becomes a gift to give selflessly.

I now see it possible.

So are you ready to smile and shine light?
Just simply shine. I hope you do too!

Sending you HAPPY in your soul and SHINE!


Savoir Affaire said...

This is true!

paperbird said...

Love this post Kristin. I have missed my visits here but I know if I visit anywhere- this is where my soul will be lifted. You are a beautiful daughter of God- thank you for the light you share.

Sweet Christmas blessings to you.