Friday, March 4, 2011

{Happy Weekend}

Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those
who dared believe that something inside them
was superior to circumstance.
-Bruce Barton

Mind over matter.
In my mind I am soooooo at the beach, running into the blue-green water
with my toes in the sand and just happy and laughing
on a delicious, warm and sunny day.
It's a bit of winter in a way here in sweet Georgia and rain for a day or two.
Makes me appreciate the good though.
So I smile still.

Happy, Wonderful Weekend to You.


Sheri said...

Love your blog and all your inspirational quotes. You go girl. Have a wonderful weekend. Be blessed :)

Sweet Grace Farms said...

And a blessed weekend to you as well. You go girl. You are on your way to amazing!!

Donna said...

I am so there running with you on the beach!!! Hugs to you sweet friend! said...

I've never visited you before, but I love your inspiration and your beautiful pictures. I will back to visit you.

Angie said...

Beautiful image. I really need to be better about visualizing a happy place. :(

Vintage Pimento said...

Hey honey!!
I lost you!!.... but now I have found you again!!!!!!
Yay! :)

paperbird said...

I just love this image!
We are in the depths of winter- rain, cold, sleet, ice!
I am trying SO hard to keep a happy spirit.
Thank you Kristin for this vision and for your always happy positive attitude! You are a sweet example to follow.

Have a beautiful day.