Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Your life begins the moment that you realize that you
are not a product of what happens to you...
that "what happens to you" is actually a product
of what you personally create or accept
from others as your own reality.
Once you have a full realization of this...
YOU without a doubt will be able
to start creating the life of your dreams!"

- Ingrid Vargas

image via: i heart this


Lissa said...

this is a lot to chew on.

and I wanna look like that girl when i go to the bahamas. is it possible?? hahaha

Sweet Grace Farms said...

How true my dear. You are now creating a beautiful product!

Parker said...

True...hard lesson for me to learn, still learning.

chrissy said...

i really needed this quote today...thank you so much for sharing it. i LOVE the image of this woman too. SO WONDERFUL!

paige said...

such a pretty picture.
i need to go read the quote for the fourth time. i think i've lost some brain cells recently!

paperbird said...

Kristin you always have the very best thoughts. You share truth and I love that.
And the image is gorgeous- I sware it looks like you! said...

What beautiful words. Love it.