Friday, December 14, 2007

To bring a smile to an inside running talk my Mom and I have. I have no children...yet. My hearts wish is that I do, but reality is reality and I just lean into God through it with a genuine smile. There are people in my life that talk about their children and well, I do not yet have images to post, or children to talk of. I do gleefully post amazing images of my favorite person in the world, Peyton Grace my niece. She plays along in my world beautifully. She is the best gift God has ever given me and is such a light that has made my life full, so I do want to state that. So, I ask my Mom, "What do I have to talk about in addition to God in my life, because I am trying to just be a vessel and have him use my heart and not my mouth to represent him. (I pray he finds some sort of vessel in me to go through and shine His light and a smile...Lord willing!)? My Mom and I laugh about this and state "Well, you have your work...tee hee hee". So here you have it. An image from my work Christmas gathering. I am the one leaning down because I was too tall in front. These people individually really inspire me. John behind me is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He is a great Dad, and husband to Caroline and might I add one of Peyton Grace's favorite people, because he always leans down and talks to her like she matters and smiles with her always. My Bosses on either end. The one on the far right, Jerry, has often stood in as a father figure to me years before I took this job to work for him. He makes me see that there are men of honor out there. His son, Corey on the far left. A gentle leader and a great friend to me. Last but not least is Jill next to me. The girl has run 100 mile races and is a complete inspiration to me not only in her running, but her ethics at work and in life. So there, no children or santa visits at the mall to talk of (I couldn't get my people at work to go for the mall image with Santa, but definitely people that matter and worth posting and image and talking about in my life.

I pray your weekend wonderful and if you have children...good luck in line to ride the Macy's Pink Pig at the mall or images with Santa. I pray your time wonderful and look very forward with gentle expectation to see the images on your blogs.


paige said...

you are too much fun!
your glass is always more than half full & THAT is an inspiration to me.
i love seeing all the centurion folk!
you look great.
need to get together soon
big holidayhugs

Anonymous said...

Wow, I agree with Paige. You have already inspired me to look at things a little differently! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Kimber said...

You inspire me too! I love the beauty I see here. You have an eye for that. I love the verses you psot. I love how you have been such a friend to Angie during her tragic loss. (I still pary for them-especially right now.)

By the way you are tall and gorgeous!

You know you are welcome to come peek at kate emerson (and the boys) whenever you wish and I look forward to the day I stop by here and see your child. I know it will happen:) Merry Chrsitmas!