Thursday, January 8, 2009

Family Christmas

Sweet Wendy and I
Zach thought he was being cool when I jumped in the shot and kissed him on his head! Ha! He actually loved it that I did this! He actually says that I am cool.  Take that!
Peyton Grace and I on our way to feed JJ the Donkey and other horses. How every morning in life should begin!
Peyton Grace being consoled by Anthony after she and my shoulder collided, ...oops.

Kelly with her kids Zach, Gabrielle and Jake. Love this shot!
Peyton Grace being Zena the Make up artist.  My lips were quivering because I was giggling.
Can you tell I love this little girl like she is my own!
Her Mommy above (Gretchen loves her more!). I know she will not be happy with me posting this but I think Gretchen twinkles in this image. I love it and Gretchen you are beautiful, even without makeup!
 This one above is my favorite.  Everyone was resting on Christmas Day and she and I were watching a movie.  I love times like this! She is such a snuggle bunny, however during the whole movie I got play by play action prior to it ever happening.  We then went to feed her pseudo adopted Donkey JJ and the other horses there. The donkey actually cries like a baby when she walks away as if she is his very best friend in the world. I don't often like to post personal pictures of my family, but I will be posting many from the holidays of my family, home decor and Christmas for my family and people close to my heart to see. I love all of these people above greatly. Thank you for allowing me to indulge in a little personal photo show and no time for touch-ups or Photoshop manipulation. You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit. Enjoy.